Impedance Cardiography

ICG (Impedance Cardiography) - A Heart Function Test

Every day, clinicians prescribe cardiovascular medications that affect blood flow forces, or hemodynamics. Until recently, obtaining hemodynamic information required invasive monitoring in a hospital setting, leaving clinicians in the office with poor surrogates such as blood pressure and heart rate.

Impedance Cardiography (ICG)   is an outpatient non-invasive hemodynamic (blood flow) monitoring that  clinically  assist in diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy for patients with  Heart failure, hypertension, pacemaker, and dyspnea

How ICG works:

  • Disposable sensors transmit a small electrical signal through the thorax
  • Impedance (resistance) to the electrical signal is measured and displayed as the ICG waveform
  • The changes in impedance are applied to the innovative Z MARC® (Modulating AoRtic Compliance). Algorithm to provide hemodynamic parameters including:
    • Cardiac Output
    • Stroke Volume
    • Systemic Vascular Resistance
    • Contractility