Patient Testimonials

Ricardo E. May 24, 2016

Dr. Prabaker is very concerned about my health.

Dorothy D. May 25, 2016

Very satisfied, PA Elizabeth takes good care of me and my wife.

Dorothy D. May 24, 2016

Dr. Prabaker is very concerned about my health.

Dorothy D. May 24, 2016

Everything is excellent.

Jabar K. May 23, 2016

Everything is great.

Linda M. May 23, 2016


Maria M. May 20, 2016

Dr. Prabaker is a very good doctor, I'm very satsified with his care!

King W. May 20, 2016

Very good staff.

Janet C. May 19, 2016

When Dr. Prabaker closes the door its 100% all about me, he focuses on the problems and teaches me and is my partner in my healthcare. I just love Dr. Prabaker he spends a lot of time on me and I'm feeling a lot better about everything. Everything is going in the right direction because of Dr. Prabaker. I'm very satisfied

Abel Q. May 19, 2016

Dr Prabaker saved my life, I was going to die 3 years ago, he turned everything around. I'm so satisfied with his care, he's the best. I call him Super Doctor. He saved my life and he is awesome. I'm very fortunate to find Dr.Prabaker, its very hard to find such a good doctor. I'm so grateful. He brought all my numbers to normal range and turned my life around. He's the best.

Matthew H. May 19, 2016

Everything is good.

Barbara P. May 18, 2016

Dr. Prabaker is very efficient and I am very happy here.

James W. May 18, 2016

Everyone is very nice.

Jeanniie S. May 18, 2016

Always a nice experience!

Catherine Z. May 17, 2016

Dr. Prabaker is very nice and honest.

Eddie R. May 17, 2016

Dr. Prabaker is very informative and the staff is very helpful. I am very happy here.

James S. May 17, 2016

Very happy here.

Brian May 17, 2016

Very helpful and efficient.

Paige U. May 13, 2016

Friendly atmosphere everyone is refreshing

Nancy T. May 10, 2016

Really like the PA Amy and love Dr. PRABAKER AND THE STAFF IS VERY HELPFUL

Gilber O. February 11, 2016

Very excited for the future.

Gayle P. February 8, 2016

Precise to the point and very understanding.

Jerry R. January 5, 2016

Everything is fine, haven't had any problems.

Timothy C. January 5, 2016


Betty M. January 4, 2016

Pleased with the service.

Monica M.December 15, 2015

I appreciate the good care but I get frustrated with the hurly- burley at the front desk.

Monique P. December 3, 2015

Received great service from the beginning and I will never leave.

Monique P. December 1, 2015

Very happy and you take care of me.

Jessie J. November 17, 2015

20 years I have been looking for a doctor and I finally found Dr Prabaker. I am here to stay. Very happy.

Jerry R. November 17, 2015

Happy patient.

Jacob J.t November 17, 2015

Great thorough care, very satisfied.

Larry R. November 5, 2015

Best doctor I ever had and the best supported staff.

Alena B. November 3, 2015

Very happy here.

Michelle A. October 26, 2015

Excellent preventative care practice, staff is very friendly. They recognize patients by their first name.

Mary N. October 20, 2015

Every time I come here everyone makes me feel like family.

Melissa K. October 20, 2015

Very happy here, I would rather not go anywhere else than here.

Robert H. October 20, 2015

Friendly and good staff.

Donna G. September 23, 2015

Very professional, makes me feel very comfortable and very informed.

Luis V. September 21, 2015

Good service.

Ernest W. September 18, 2015

Everyone is phenominal, my husband and I come to see Dr. Prabaker because he takes such good care of us and we feel so comfortable. This is one doctors office that you do not feel like a number. Dr. Prabaker truly cares for us. We are very happy.

Richards C. September 15, 2015

Great service.

Mary T. September 15, 2015

Everything is always great.

Naomi P. September 11, 2015

I have been coming to Dr. Prabaker for 9 years, I love him.

Preston M. September 9, 2015

Well organized and family oriented

Iris V. September 1, 2015

Best decision I've made for my health.

Jois D. September 1, 2015

Sometimes Friday appt run a little late.

Corrie K. August 31, 2015

Everyone is kind and professional.

Leron J. August 27, 2015

Everybody is really friendly, and Dr. Prabaker is great. He explains everything really well.

Elenor F. August 24, 2015

I am #1 and I am still around, I have been with Dr. Prabaker for over 30 years.

Victoria S. August 24, 2015

Friendly and trustable.

Tran G. August 24, 2015

He speaks slowly so I understand.

Barbara S. August 24, 2015

Dr. prabaker is an excellent doctor, he is very passionate and very concerned about his patients.

Kumar S. August 19, 2015

Dr. Prabaker is very good and passionate, I have been Dr. Prabaker's patient for 12 years. I'm very happy.

Charles M. August 18, 2015

Excellent staff.

Robert E. August 18, 2015

Doctor is very patient.

Nick C.s August 18, 2015

Friendly staff and caring doctor.

Norma S. August 13, 2015

We have always had good experience here. We love the staff. We think very highly of the doctors there too.

Eugene T. August 12, 2015

Dr. prabaker is the greatest.

Nicole M. August 11, 2015

Long wait time some times.

Dorthy D. August 11, 2015

Everyone is doing a great job. Love ot see all the nice people.

William B. August 6, 2015

I feel like I get very personal individual attention, everybody cares about me, I am very satisfied.

Terry W. August 6, 2015

Really great. Dr. Prabaker has great bedside manner. Dr. Prabaker gives me all the time I need and never cuts me short. I am very satisfied.

George G. August 6, 2015

Consciousness and honest.

Gustavo G. August 6, 2015

Dr. Prabaker is very knowledgeable and he explains things well. He relates to the patient well.

Jina S. August 3, 2015

Very happy and satisfied.

Laurie B. August 3, 2015

Very happy and satisfied

Michael Y. August 3, 2015

Everything is good.

Mary T. August 3, 2015

Very greatful for Dr. Prabaker and the staff.

Barbara V. July 31, 2015

Enjoy the change of staff.

William B. July 31, 2015

Very thorough and very satisfied

Patsy T. July 28, 2015

Happy, would like more focus on patient.

Patricia P. July 30, 2015

Everyone does a good job.

Elizabeth B. July 28, 2015

Very approachable and accomodating

Carol J. July 27, 2015

Compassionate and caring.

Connie B. July 27, 2015

I appreciate the calm environment here. I appreciate the ladies that greet me and take care of me.

Dana H. July 23, 2015

Very happy and satisfied with everyone.

Linda M. July 21, 2015

My first visit and I'm very pleased, this is the most thorough doctor I have seen in a long time.

Michael R. July 20, 2015

Happy with the service.

Johnny C. July 20, 2015

Dr. Prabaker is terrific, he has caught many things that could have gone bad, he caught them early and he sent me to terrific referral. He is really super great.

Kathryn W. July 20, 2015

Dr. Prabaker iis great. I have been coming for five years. I can't wait until patient appreciation day which he has every year.

Terry W. July 17, 2015

Dr. Prabaker is great, I have been with him for 29 ears and plan on never leaving.

James C. July 16, 2015

Dr. Prabaker and staff are great.

Richard C. July 15, 2015

Runs the office real good.

Miko J. July 15, 2015

Front desk is so pleasant

Verified Patient July 10, 2015

Very satisfied.

Ramsey A. July 7, 2015

Dr. Prabaker is great!

Terry W. July 7, 2015

Dr. Prabaker is great and very sufficient

Melanie Z. July 7, 2015

Seen in a timely matter so that is great!

Orrin F. July 2, 2015

Great bedside manner, always making me feel good even when I not feeling good.

Curt S. July 1, 2015

Everything went great.

William B. June 30, 2015

Dr. Prabaker and staff are very professional and nice.

Harris M. June 29, 2015

Dr. Prabaker is the best and the staff.

Kenneth M. June 24, 2015

Very happy with Dr. Prabaker and the service.

Cheryl S. June 23, 2015

Very happy.

Mike S. June 23, 2015

Great doctor.

Elliot P. June 22, 2015

Really like Dr Prabaker manner he is a great doctor.

Clive B. June 19, 2015

Everyone seems very pleasant.

Leo H. June 18, 2015

Glad that Dr Pabaker is training new patients

Darrel L. June 18, 2015

The entire practice is very nice and pleasant to work with.

John J. June 17, 2015

Well class organization.

Lynda C. June 16, 2015

Staff is caring and attentive.

Phoebe B. June 16, 2015

Warm and caring.

Kirk G. June 16,2015

Dr. Prabaker has solved all my problems. Very happy with the service.

Martha M. June 15,2015

Very happy with the service.

Rider L. June 15,2015

Always appreciate the good care.

Naomi P. June 15,2015

Dr. Prabaker Rocks, he listen to what you have to say and trully cares about his patient.

Lynda C. June 15, 2015

Staff is really great!

Lorna B. June 12, 2015

Great service!

Michelle A. June 12, 2015

Dr P is a specialist in preventative care. He is saving lives. Sometimes there is a wait but he is worth the waite. Love the staff. They know patients by name and are very friendly!

Jones S. June 12, 2015

Dr Prabaker has always put my health first and he always referred me to the best a specialist. He is compassionate and caring.

Alan V. June 11, 2015

Very concerned and pays attention to detail.

Jess J. June 11, 2015

Dr Prabaker is the best! He fixed me, now I can ride my Harley for a longer time!

Jane D. June 11, 2015

Appreciate all the help.

Joyce P. June 9, 2015

Staff are friendly and accommodating. Dr.Prabaker is very professional and thorough.I appreciate his care and genuine concern for his patients.Thank you!

Craig C. June 9, 2015

Very happy with the service, Dr Prabaker is great.

Tim W. June 8, 2015

Very helpful and kind

Victor May 21, 2015

Personal and caring.

Charles M. May 18, 2015

I always get great care by nice employees.

Lila L. May 8, 2015

The group is always suffient.

Derrick L. May 4, 2015

This staff is friendly, courteous and attentive. Dr. Prabaker is excellent. Here you are the patient but treated like a King. Please try this medical office you can't go wrong.

Kyle May 1, 2015

Every appt is great. The doctor truly cares about his patients.

Cynthia S. April 29, 2015

Excellent preventative care from Dr. Prabaker!!! Wouldn't go anywhere else!!!

Terry H. April 17, 2015

Very good very helpful on top of problems was good at check up at hospital very pleased with them.

Don G. April 17, 2015

Takes the time to provide excellent care eand aggressive takes. Takes the time needed to provide good care and preventative care.

Joe B. April 15, 2015

Dr. Prabaker is great! They always call to confirm my appointments and Dr. P is always honest and transparent. The front staff is friendly and always stay busy. I will be reccomending him to my family and friends.

Brian April 14, 2015

Good health information. Comprehensive.

Dorothy D. April 10, 2015

Feel like I get the service I deserve, I comprehend everything that is being said. Treated well, everyone is so nice.

Darlene W. April 10, 2015

Very Happy with everyone, love my dr p.

Kathleen F. April 7, 2015

The staff here is nothing short of OUTSTANDING¡

Jose S. April 3, 2015

The service was good and the doctor takes care by hearing all my problems. Front desk people are so kind.

Grace A. April 2, 2015

Excellent service from start to finish! Dr P has been my savior

Carl W. March 27, 2015

Great service.

Rob C. March 27, 2015

Friendly and helpful office staff,holistic care from Dr Prabaker! Very good office, highly recommend!

Yesenia H. March 24, 2015

Dr. Venu Prabaker is thorough and takes sincere interest in my health and getting me on a maintenance track for a long healthy future ...highly recommended plus has an excellent staff.

Gregory H. March 23, 2015

Dr Prabaker takes good care of me and helps me with all my needs. Very satisfied. Dr Prabaker is a great doctor. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Amanda L. March 19, 2015

Dr. Prabaker is great and staff is very helpful.

Mike A. March 18, 2015

Very pleasant, friendly and professional. Very happy with the service. I would recommend Dr Prabaker to everyone.

Lyn L.. March 13, 2015

Dr Prabaker is a great doctor, finding all my problems and setting my life straight, moving to Yuma may consider coming back once a month.

Clark March 9, 2015

Doctor are through but do run behind / slow

Roy M. March 6, 2015

Very happy here this is the best doctors office.

Donald C. March 6, 2015

Excellent service and care

Nathan S. March 4, 2015

I feel at home and being treated as a family member

Cindy M. March 3, 2015

I love this place and all the girls are terrific and helpful.

Kevin C. January 30, 2015

I'm very thankful for the front desk ladies. They are a blessing. We also have the greatest doctors in the world.

Rickert H. January 15, 2015

Very good GP. Concerned about the well being of his patients.

Rhonda P. January 13, 2015

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Charlie E. January 13, 2015

Great service

David L. January 8, 2015

A truly wonderful group of medical people - highly recommended!

Zoller P. December 19, 2014

Always receive excellent care.

Jon O. December 15, 2014

Good except for wait time.

Calma P. December 8, 2014

I'm very happy with the attention I get from Dr. Prabaker and his staff.

Dina F. December 8, 2014

Greatest bunch of Doctors and staff I have ever had.

Dawn V. December 8, 2014

very nice first visit! Thanks Dr. And staff!!

Lindsey December 1, 2014

Dr. Prabaker worked well with us, giving good directions and description on medication.

Corrie K. December 4, 2014

Office staff always friendly ....office is always clean and everyone is so professional!!! This staff has always treated me with such kindness and empathy! I would recommend Dr.Prabaker and staff to anyone!!!

Jerry W. November 18, 2014

Very quick and Dr. Tran was great!

Terry J. November 18, 2014

So far so good

Virani F. November 14, 2014

Very happy with the service

Lenore November 13, 2014

Dr Prabaker is a wonderful doctor and takes great care of his patient.

leonard W. November 11, 2014

I always have excellent service

Stacie M. November 11, 2014

We are so thankful for and love it here.

Doris D. October 17, 2014

Very thorough.

Penny S. October 17, 2014

Everyone attentive and theDr Prabaker very loving.

Craig C. October 17, 2014

Very satisfied with everyone. Dr. Prabaker is awesome.

Devin R. October 16, 2014

Wait times can be a bit long, but treatment is thorough and focused on preventing future problems.

Steve O. October 16, 2014

Great job everybody, awesome.

Darlene W. October 9, 2014

Best drs in town

Daryl N. October 9, 2014

Always handling my problems with great care

Sylvia T. October 9, 2014

Dr Prabaker is excellent and so is his staff.

Patsy T. October 2, 2014

Dr Tran was very nice we are happy with her care

Hilda H. September 30, 2014

Good service today . Better than before.

Nicole September 30, 2014

I really appreciate their kindness

Martin D. September 29, 2014

Always caring and listen

Judith W. September 29, 2014

I love this place and love everyone who works here! Everyoen is so concerned. Dr. Prabaker and his wife are the bomb.

Wendy September 26, 2014

Dr. Prabaker was very thorough and attentive. I didn't feel rushed out. Staff was very pleasant and helpful.

Kerwin J. September 26, 2014

Great service from doctor and staff

Jacinto September 26, 2014

The best doctor patient relationship fan astic personal very helpful no rush on visit and no long waits.

Susan M. September 25, 2014

Staff is very concerned and tries to keep me informed. Dr.Prabaker is very thorough about patient care..

Cheryl September 25, 2014

Check in was a little unusual this morning. Received a phone call in waiting room after signing in to find out where I was.

terry W. Septmeber 25, 2014

excellent job

Alva S. August 18, 2014

I highly recommend Dr. prabaker, he is an awesome provider and would recommend him to all my friends and family

Linda N. July 25, 2014

Very proficient and professional staff. Generally always friendly, very satisfied with Dr. Andrisani's replacement.

Carol July 25, 2014

Dr Prabaker is very thorough and provides good explanations.

Melissa K. July 21, 2014

I have insurance but not insurance that Dr Prabaker covers . he is such a great Dr that I pay cash to come see him once a month since I get such amazing care here. No other Dr has taken the time to explore my condition and try to help like he has. Thank u so much!

Anna D. July 14, 2014

Very helpful and courteous...

Robert M. July 10, 2014

All in all its all good. sometime the wait can be a little long but the excellent care I receive makes up for the wait . the staff has always been kind caring and friendly . please keep up the good work thank you.

Mary J. July 1, 2014

I am so thrilled with his diligence. He makes me feel like I am his friend and important to him. I am a cancer survivor and appreciate any health assitance I receive to stay healthy. Thank you very very much. Your staff is terrific.

Dennis W. June 17, 2014

Dr Prabaker has been my doctor for over 17 years. His staff has been exceptional. Enough said.

Carol June 6, 2014

Dr Prabaker is very thorough and proactive with care. If front desk staff was better, and wait times were less, I would give 5 stars.

Abel Q. May 30, 2014

When I came in for an arm injury Dr Prabaker was so determined to have my health in check that he tested for everything and found out that I had heart problems and took my keys away and sent me to the hospital right away. There they found various clogs and operated right away. If it wasnt for Dr Ptrabaker being so good at his job I probably would not be alive today!

Larry R. May 30, 2014

I am very excited about using Dr.prabaker as my new Doctor. I love his attention to detail and his attitude relative to keeping me Alice as lone as WE can.

Aaron S. April 17, 2014

We have been coming to Dr Prabakr's office now for 2 & 1/2 yrs & evertime we need to make an appt the staff are always able to schedule that very same week even the next day. With curtious & well experienced PA staff I'm always delighted with the outcome and how they are able to make the best of our circumstances & are open to being variable of our situations for a positive outcome.

Robert R. April 8, 2014

For the last 20 years or more we have been healthier than many people our age and that is thanks to the care that we receive from Dr. Prabaker. Dr. Prabaker s staff has always backed up the support and care that he provides.

Abrahem B. April 4, 2014

Dr Prabaker is a wonderful doctor that I found after asking my neighbor to recommend a doctor. She told me that she has been going to doctor Prabaker for 30 years. No one would stay with the same doctor for so long if he wasn't a great person overall. When I heard this I came running I didn't believe that there is such a good doctor. Anyone wishes they could find a doctor who is like Dr. Prabaker. When I saw him the first time I spoke to him and I saw a person with an open heart. He is always smiling and encouraging and relaxes his patients. Specially he is dedicated to preserving the health of his patients always proactive in his treatment. When a sick person sees his smile and great personality he feels better even before he is treated. So if any sick person goes to this doctor who I cannot begin to describe his good qualities he will be a very lucky person. So you be the judge what kind of doctor has such a strong following by his patients. So this kind of doctor deserves to be put in the heart of his patients because he is truly loyal to them. Even if he where many miles away I would still drive the distance to keep him as my physician. That is why I compare Dr. Prabaker to the brightest star in the sky. I thank you all and especially to Dr Prabaker for allowing me to speak about him I wish I could say more.

Robert M. March 25, 2014

I feel I am in good hands with doctor Prabaker and his staff they are all friendly and professional ☺i look forward to many years of Dr Prabaker and staff taking care of my medical needs.

Cal G. March 11, 2014

Always proffesional , very good service. Highly recommended for primary care.

Eveerette N. March 18, 2014

Very friendly atmosphere. Efficient and qualified.

Thomas D. March 4, 2014

I feel like that I am part of a large family. Everyone is friendly and quite helpful.

John N. March 4, 2014

Dr Prabaker has a wonderful staff who is personal, friendly, through that is knowledgable who has a vast experience to meet the patients needs.

Richard M. March 4, 2014

We like Dr so much that we come 15 miles to be with him, we are very pleased and really like coming to this Dr. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Alan M. March 3, 2014

service is excellent. very thorough and helpful.

David L. February 28, 2014

Dr. Prabakar's office is run very well. They address all of our concerns and continually monitor both my wife and myself - both of us have complicated health issues. Dr. Prabakar is a great doctor with excellent staff!

Haji S. February 28, 2014

Dr. Venue Prabaker is the best primary doctor my grandmother has had in 60 years. Prabaker is very thorough and goes above and beyond to make sure every need is met. He is patient and very compassionate. I would refer Prabaker to anyone.

Vijaya N. February 28, 2014

Dr. P. Is Great. I am glad he is my Dr. For general health. He always listens to my problems and has good advice for me. Recommend Dr. Vprabaker for You ALL!

William G. February 19, 2014

Dr Prabaker is an excellent physician and I have always found him to be willing to explain what is going on and answer all my questions. He does get overbooked and sometimes the wait is extensive but it's worth it. I know he tries to get up to speed with physician assistants. Some, however are not as good as others. Mark Hartman's Lea ing is a huge loss

Clifford I. February 18, 2014

Very caring, always there when we need him! Decisions we can trust.

Charbel A. February 18, 2014

We love his way of taking care of my mom, he is professional at his work.

Joyce P. February 13, 2014

Always and thoroughly conçerñed with my totalwell being. Provides clear and consice information on all test.…

Kristi c. February 13, 2014

Dr.Prabaker is an excellent doctor

Monica M. February 11, 2014

I am very pleased with the care I receive from Doctor Probaker and his staff. I believe that he is helping me maintain good health by his preventative care. M Murphy

Thomas T. February 11, 2014

Dr.Prabaker is very caring

Robert M. January 14, 2014

Keep smiling

Eleanor F. January 10, 2014

I am Dr. Prabaker first patient ever in San Diego and I'm still very pleased!

James S. January 10, 2014

I really appreciate Dr. Prabaker , he really cares about his patients. The world needs more doctors like him.

Brian S. January 10, 2014

The doctor and medical student kept me informed of all the information they were requesting and the why. I liked being informed. They were both polite as well.

Ralph H. December 31, 2013

We love our doctor. He is competent. We have confidence in his judgements . We have good communications with him. Great bed side manners

Susan K. December 31, 2013

Always willing too stay late and see us , the office staff always answer are calls and everyone is very friendly.

Richard s. December 24, 2013

Doctor and staff make me feel comfortable from the moment I walk in. Things are explained so well, I seldom have to ask clarifying questions,

Gerald E. December 20, 2013

Patient care is timely and professional and the staff shows great care in dealing with patients. I've been a patient since 2007 and have had nothing but positive experiences.

Kathleen K. December 20, 2013

It is good to work together with the doctor to improve my condition. This requires close cooperation because of my numerous health issues and difficulty in controlling my blood pressure. Staff is usually helpful but often needs more practice and supervision.

Sudhkar December 19, 2013

Excellent treatment and care. I would to like to come again near future for any medical treatment.

Jonathan A. December 19, 2013

This is a very opinuated view point of the Dr. Prabaker, from a patient who has been to many doctors. He is brilliant and has a very good attitude towards his patients which is very good plus in all of the careing for anyone. He has a ability to look at the truth in the problems of the patient also he allows the patient to take the time to talk, and he Listen.s. All in all he is one best Doctors ever that has taken care of me.

Lynn L. December 19, 2013

What I love most about dr.p is he takes his time with each patient as needed. If he needs to be with a patient for an hour, he spends an hour. All of his staff is the same way. Everyone here knows you and you are not treated as a number. When he teaches a dr to be, he allows the student to learn rather than tell him/her the correct procedure, which I feel is the best way to learn.

Everret N. December 19, 2013

Very friendly atmosphere. Always willing to help. Doctor is very knowledgeable. He is very concerned about my welfare.