Dr. Venu Prabaker

Venu Prabaker, M.D.

Primary Care Physician/Internist

Originally from India, Dr. Prabaker completed seven years of medical school at the University of Madras. He then completed four years of surgical residency and became a board diplomat in surgery while in India.

Upon arriving to the United States, he pursued further training in Internal medicine at the University of Maryland and John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.

Dr. Prabaker was awarded the position of Chief Resident and Teaching Fellow in Internal medicine at one of the affiliated hospitals of Case Western Hospital in Cleveland. He was board-certified and served as an Assistant Director of Internal Medicine Residency Program. As a program director he began a long career of training and mentoring medical students, young physicians, and other allied health professionals.

When he moved to San Diego, his expertise in Internal Medicine and his experience in training quality clinicians were instrumental for his appointment as Director of Internal Medicine of the Family Practice Residency Program at Grossmont Hospital which he held for eight years.

He served as an assistant professor of Internal Medicine at Stanford University and is currently an associate professor at Western University of Medicine, a faculty member of the University of California, at San Diego, and an Assistant Professor at Midwestern Medical School.

His leadership talents include board member in San Diego County Medical Society, Chairman of the Board, San Diego Association of Indian Physicians, and Chairman of 4,000 membered Indian Association, Board Member of National Indian Medical Association, and Board Member of San Diego Indian American Society.

He has a passion for aggressive preventative care, which will evaluate the impending life threatening cardiovascular issues for his patients. He drives immense pleasure in preventing strokes and heart attacks so that his patients live longer and healthier lives.

Personal Profile:

I was motivated to become a physician even as as child. I was impressed with a family physician who was making house calls to see our grandfather who was sick. As a physician, I am very excited to practice aggressive preventative care. 50 to 60% of all of us are going to die of heart attacks or strokes. Every week, I am thrilled to see at least 1-2 patients whom I have saved from lethal cardiovascular events by partnering with my patients. I was nominated as a TOPDOC in San Diego County (as a PCP) by the specialists 2 years in a row-2016 and 2017 COnudcted by San Diego Magazine.


I have undergone executive MBA courses and hence I am able to run a successful medical practice. I founded a startup company CareMed which developed one of the first windows based EMR in our country in the year 1995. I co-founded another company MyOwn MD which was later on acquired by Humana in 2012. I was a founder and CEO of San Diego Independent ACO 2012-2014. I serve as a Board member of American Tamilnadu Medical Association, Chairman of Board of Trustees of San Diego Tamil Association, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of San Diego Physicians of Indian Origin and have been the Board member of the San Diego Medical Society since 2006 - representing easy county physicians.


I am Board Member of San Diego Indian American Society and SAPI which perform numerous charitable events in San Diego. I am the founder of We are the Parents Foundation which funds the college education for orphan children in India.


Before I located to San Dieog, I was the assistant director of Internal Medicne Residency Program in Cleveland, Ohio. When I moved to San Diego, I served as a Director of Medicine at Grossmont Hospital for a Family Practice Residency Program as well as PA Program for 8-9 years. During the same time, I was an Assistant Professor at Stanford University with which our programs were affiliated. I have been teaching medical and PA students, Residents in my entire medical profession. Currently I am serving as a faculty at many Universities including UCSD, Western University, Midwestern University of Arizona, University of Nevada, etc.