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The practice’s motto, “Wellness ReDefined”, places patient care and service delivery at the heart of all that our team does. This person-centered approach allows us to work collaboratively with our patients, focusing on not just treating illness and disease but also preventing it.

Our team takes an aggressive approach to preventive care, making it our team’s highest priority. Our passion is about giving his patients the tools and support that promote well-being, enabling them to live healthier lives.

Our team offers many forms of preventive care, including annual exams, chronic care management, and remote patient monitoring, which allows our team to provide comprehensive care to people who live with chronic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Our team believes in aggressive preventive care to create a long-lasting relationship with patients as their health care partner. In this partnership, every decision will be a combined decision, after the discussion of what your physician recommends and why they recommend it.

Our team at Care MD is thrilled that their patients trust them immensely, and to strive hard to live up to their expectations. Partner with them today and put your health first.

New Patients

Here at Care MD we are always accepting new patients. Regardless of whether you are sick or are simply due for a regular check-up, we are happy to welcome you to our office. We know going to the doctor can be a little overwhelming at times, so we are happy to provide you with our new patient forms ahead of time so that you can fill them out prior to your appointment and save you time during your visit.

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I got to meet Dr. K, one of the two new doctors for the office. He seemed nice. He reviewed my lab results and said everything looked fine. He seemed skeptical about the possible BPH Aquablation surgery I am considering. He mentioned that it might not help relieve my BPH symptoms and suggested losing weight to reduce BPH symptoms. I was surprised by his skepticism about BPH surgery. I was disappointed to learn that the lab had not reported my A1C results or PSA results. My new urologist has already directed me to Quest for a PSA test.

Robert S.

Dr Prabaker is the first doctor to ever make me feel like they cared about my health and well-being. He listens and takes a proactive approach. He also has a very calming way about him, which helps put me at ease. He takes the time to explain why tests are being run, explain the results and answer all my questions.

Michelle Th.

Dr Prabaker was very concerned about my high blood pressure. He sumarized that it must be due to sleep apmea even when I wear a mouth guard to resolve the issue and will recommend a sleep specialist. To help him with some data I have made a b/p log that shows he time and date of my blood pressure and pulse. I will submit this data to my next appointment on Wednesday 4/26. I started the B/P log on 4/19 and will end it on 4/26. John Jenkins

John J.

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